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So, what do you do if you are planning to jump over to London for couple of days? You want to meet some folks, you need a place to stay. How big is possibility that there are some friends out there, I mean in London. Pretty big, right. So, I usually shout on Facebook – can you host me, meet me, suggest me, blablabla me – dates are following, anyone? I’ve seen my friends doing the same and usually results are promising.

Of course, Couchsurfing is always there for the same reason, but last couple of years I feel that it takes too much energy to find the diamonds in the ashes – too many rejections and too many “copypaste-0 reference” requests. Nevertheless, I’m very thankful to creators of this site and having couple of couchsurfers sleeping at my place right now. There are Trustroots and some other initiatives but they lack the critical mass to be convenient.

But – maybe there is a way better choice for such occasions? How many Facebook friends you have? 1728 in my case. I imagine that out of those people, approximately 500 are foreigners or Latvians living abroad. What potentially means 500 accommodations or nice meet-ups. Ok, I’m a traveler, it’s not a “normal” case. For many people it could be 300 friends in total and 30 foreign friends. But still, also 30 places to stay sound pretty good for me.

So, finally, the idea. I believe that future of social networking lies in a location aspect, at least some part of the future. And in this case, it could be a separate application or extension of Facebook, Couchsurfing or some other website.

It would look like that. People who are living in certain place would use one identification, for example, a green color, then, the ones who are living in some place and can’t host but are ok for meeting and sharing advice would be yellow (like in Couchsurfing) and the traveling people would be red. You should check-in or allow one of those location tracers, but in my mind it would be better just to mark a town not precise location because of security and privacy reasons but it could also be up to the choice. In my understanding that application should have connection with Facebook in order to have a friend data base otherwise it will not work. And of course, it should be totally voluntary.


If such a thing already exists – please give me the link, if not – I’d be happy if someone could create that and for IT brained person it shouldn’t be complicated, I guess. So, I wish, until the day I will decide to travel around the Europe to meet my friends (or/and other Latvians) such application will be available.

This post is devoted to my reader Lea who wished some new ideas!

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