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How to improve health of a Covid-19 patient?
When I got tested positive for Corona virus I was scared. The main reason is a fact I have rare and hard to pronounce lung disease Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) for more than eight years and due to this diagnosis, I’m taking daily dose of medication Sirolimus what weakens immune system. Despite of those risk factors I... read more
Just another world trip – by Astrid and Sven
„I think we found your home. Looking forward to see you (you can’t miss us :)),” sms from Astrid found me while I was working in my garden, some 3 km away from home. Yes. There is no chance to miss the Astrid and Sven’s truck. They have put a usual living caravan in a... read more
T.I.P. James
It’s a week since I’ve been on my second Camino. And tomorrow will be the day I arrived on my first. This is where I met James. I can’t call him a friend. I guess Caminomate would be an appropriate name. Or kind of soul-mate, too. Cos’ we shared the passion of traveling. It was... read more