Day 31 – Everywhere I lay my hat, that’ s my home


I always liked that song, but never could agree with it. Until now.

It has been one month now since I’m been away from home and from people I love. I’ve never lived anywhere else but Latvia and it’s the longest time I have been so far away. Every time I come home, even if it has been a week, when I see towers of Riga appearing, I cry almost every time.

I thought I’ll be very homesick, but I’m really not. It’s not that I’m not thinking of Latvia and people back home from time to time, but I don’t miss home (yet). The only day I was ready to exchange a sunny day in Miami beach versus foggy day in Latvia, was a day when Gita opened hyper in Salaspils. I was looking at some pictures and wanted to be there so much. I took a long bike ride instead and managed to ride away from that feeling in couple of hours.

When Christer asked me for a description of my journey in English and I said I could write some daily summaries and I truly intended to do at, but then I understood, it’ s impossible. Somebody just yesterday told me the beauty of a story lies in details (as in retail:). And it is. Imagine summary of somebodies’ life: “He was born, he married, worked for 50 years, had 2 children, died.” Does it tells anything about that personality or life he had? The same is with a story – whether I’ m telling it all or not telling it at all.

But I can look back in a month and pick out some highlights or make an overall evaluation. It has been the most colorful month of my life I can remember. I even have a feeling I have had another life. Before I thought I should travel all my life. I thought it will be good. But it is not good. It’s not even great. It is amazing, surprising and I could continue and continue, but my english limits me there. But you get idea.

I have seen sunrise slowly touching each cliff and stone of Grand Canyon and painting everything in warm colors, even fog was light and full of light there. I had coffee for 3 hours that morning afterward with Bob – man who is doing the same I do, and he was 84. I have seen tears in somebody eyes and I have also seen laugher in many. I have seen also scorpions, sea lions, snakes and alligators without fence between us. I’ ve felt thirst and heat in Death Valley as well as snow and storms afterward. I’ve seen underwater world, american football game, Golden Gate bridge, Twin Peaks, Manhattan, Hollywood and stars like that. And I’ ve seen real stars, calm and small rivers, squirrels, mountains and narrow trails. I’v been riding cars, bikes, ships, buses, trains and plains.

So many people has opened their doors and hearts to me, I don’ t know I have enough gratitude for that. Total strangers has been turning to the best friends in 24 hours or less. I won’t believe being told. But I experienced that. I feel so humble, so grateful, so blessed.

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