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10 good reasons to visit Ostrava
1“Oh, have a nice time in Prague!” was a frequent phrase I heard from friends who got to know I was going to the Czech Republic. I really like Prague but this time my journey took me elsewhere. Thanks to being kindly invited by the Czech tourism board, I got to visit Ostrava – home... read more
Carabiners and quiet
– “Where are you from?”, someone asks during breakfast. – “From Latvia.” – “And you?” – “Well, technically, I’m from Latvia, too.” Ilya was born to a Jewish family in Jūrmala (beach resort city), spent the first ten years of his life in Latvia, then moved to Israel. He knows but a few words in... read more
From Antarctic to Arctic
„Get your shit together and come to Canada!”, Raphael wrote this sincere invitation sometime between April and May. I was truly touched by his words, so I did. After traveling together in Antarctica and some other spots of South America, I arrived in Montreal June 21 to join Raphael for his Alaska road-trip. It took... read more
Biking and couchsurfing in Copenhagen
I found Jesper’s place quite easily following the detailed description of the route he send me. Jesper is a danish student who couchsurfed my place a year ago and we had a really great time and mutual understanding. That’s why I was really looking forward to see him again and also Copenhagen (CPH) – for... read more
For my Camino friends
It couldn’t have been better. No book can describe it no movie show. I haven’t been writing since entering Santiago till yesterday. So full of emotions that there was no space for words. I’m grateful for every step You made with me. Even if we met for couple of hours, we were walking together. My... read more