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It couldn’t have been better.

No book can describe it no movie show.

I haven’t been writing since entering Santiago till yesterday. So full of emotions that there was no space for words.

I’m grateful for every step You made with me. Even if we met for couple of hours, we were walking together. My feet touched Your footprints and Yours mine.

One step is a little bit less than a meter. And You know, what? We walked a million steps together, my friend.

We’ve been walking roads and paths. Snow and mud. Rocks and sand. We walked below, above and in the clouds. And I felt – sometimes some clouds walked with us. For a moment.

We shared morning mist and evening twilight. And a torch light packing in darkness. And a lighthouse beams. And a fire reflections of burning boots and bras.

We shared pain. In feet and heart. Face was wet from the rain and it tasted a little salty. Sometimes.

And we shared water and bread, wine and soup. And many laughter in postre.

And hugs. So, here are virtual one – especially for You.

Yes, You. Hillary. Heather. Sam. Ed. Polish Anna and British Anna. Lisa. Jasmine Grapes. Melanie. Taylor. Cecilia. Andrew and his friend. Shane. Sean (Nedara). Gary. Steve. John. Peter x 3. Pete and Vain. Kristi and Dani. Martin. James. Mark. Nicole. Ellen. Rie. Rolinde. Tim. Karen. Manuel. Frank. Glen. Amelie. Sara. Holger and other musketeers. Oli. Dino. Markos. Steffan x 2 and his girlfriend. Garth. Dovile. Dalia. Charlie. Julie. Huan. Myte. Petra. Isaac. British boy. Afrodite. German couple. Paulo and his wife. American couple. 2 german girls and 2 french girls. Sick danish lady. And definitely someone else. Sorry if I forgot someone and for misspelling of names as well.

My feet are ok now but my heart needs some Compeed.

Thank You, indeed!

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  • A couple of years have gone by since we met on the Camino and I am so pleased to see from this site the travel you continue to do. I don’t think you will ever be able to stop now.

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