How to make a simple wooden bed?


After researching a bunch of advice on different social networks, I came to a conclusion that none of them really fits my needs – some require very specific instruments, others – materials, yet others – skills I don’t have. Almost ready to give up and buy a ready-made version, I came up with a different approach – if I can’t find an idea what serves my needs, I have to invent one. So, I did.

Here are 5 easy steps – how to prepare a wooden bed with very basic tools (chain-saw, sandpaper, screwdriver) and knowledge (none so far).

1) Find 9 massive pieces of wood and cut them at the same length – those will be the legs of the bed. The height might vary from 25 – 40 cm, depends on your preferences and how thick the mattress will be. Then take 4 big planks (I had 20 cm wide ones) and make a frame (I did 2 m x 1,80 m), the corners should be cut at 45 degree angle. Then find the 5th plank with straight ends for the middle part (for stability).

2) Attach the planks to the legs with long screws.

3) When the frame is ready, add the small planks on the top of it with small screws. I did a platform but some people say it’s better to add every second plank so the mattress could breathe better.

4) To make the ends of small planks even, I placed some industrially make wooden “angles” (available in many DIY stores). The mattress follows last.

5) Put some blanket and pillows on and – voila – go to sleep!

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